Isaac DK Sweater Lot | Dyed to Order

Isaac DK Sweater Lot | Dyed to Order

from 84.00

Order the perfect amount of Non Super Wash DK weight yarn for your dream sweater, shawl, or pile of yarn to lay on!

Isaac DK (85|15) NON Super Wash Polwarth/Silk | 100 G | 290 Yds

All Isaac DK 100 G Skeins are hand wound off cones.

3 Skeins (870 Yds)

4 Skeins (1,160 Yds)

5 Skeins (1,450 Yds)

6 Skeins (1,740 Yds)

7 Skeins (2,030 Yds)

Colors Available:

1 Color Per Order

Only our tonal colors are available on this base. Please write in color you would like. If you would like a contrast color for the mohair make sure you specify!

There is no increase for Dyed to Order, all prices are the same if you buy 3 skeins separately.

Please Allow 2-3 weeks for dying.

While each color has its own specific recipe every skein is individually hand dyed and hand painted which may cause colors to vary in distribution. 
If using more than one skein in a project I recommend alternating skeins. 

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