2019 Yarn Clubs

I don't want to be the one to point out that we have entered the last Quarter of 2018 but someone has to say it. As the end of the year draws near here at Corgi HQ we are getting ready for the next year and man do we have so much we want to do! This year was a lot of vending shows and getting our feet stable on the ground in person and meeting so many wonderful people. Next year we want to focus on small batches of themed colors. 

"But that just sounds like a yarn club"

You are so right..because 2019 is coming up all Yarn Clubs! 4 New Yarn clubs are being planned for next year and we are so excited to get to play with our themes!

January - March : Dragons Yarn Club

April - June : The Black Mage Yarn Club

July - September : The Office Yarn Club

October - December : The Tales of Beetle and the Bard Yarn Club

Each club will consist of 3 skeins of yarn sent at the 15th of the month inspired by the main theme! The yarn bases will all be fingering weight but vary on the wool content. 

Sign Ups for each set will start the 15th of the month before.

Dragons Yarn Club Sign Ups: December 15-31 | Mailed out on January, February and March 15

The Black Mage Yarn Club Sign Ups: March 15 | Mailed out April, May, June 15

The Offie Yarn Club Sign Ups: June 15 | Mailed out July, August, September 15

Sign Ups: September 15 | Mailed out October, November, December 15

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