Mischief Managed Shawl

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Mischief Managed 




"When all of your work is done and you are wrapped safely back in your room, the words “Mischief Managed” can be spoken to erase the map, or to feel like you have erased the map of the day. This half circle shawl wraps you up after a long day of getting work done, mischief-wise or just a well-planned day, light as the old paper with a section of eyelets and arrow-inspired lace mimicking person markers and leading you into whatever adventure is in your future. "


During this past year a very good friend of mine is in the deep depths of planning a wedding. She was my other half during college and one of my closest friends, even though we are terrible at keeping up with each other but that is a whole other problem. I wanted to be able to give her something special for this day as we spent most of our friendship convinced, as most early 20's are, that we would end up giving up on marriage and living in a cabin in the woods surrounded by dogs. 

Being on the very brink of diving into this wedding planning pool what I am looking to have my wedding represent as been on my mind and influenced how I wanted to show this beginning of an adventure for the both of us through this shawl. The image of the Marauders' Map came to mind and how it started so many mysterious adventures for Harry while giving him a false sense of security with it's named markers. We know who is going to be involved in our future adventure and like the map we have a general idea of what is in our future but like the disappearing figures entering secret rooms and Scabbers showing up as his true self on paper, we have no idea what is really coming.

The arrow motif represents this feeling of being pointed in one direction but we also have the abrupt change of direction showing that this point in our lives can be a complete change with one day.