One Woman, Two Corgi Team 

        Once Upon A Corgi is a small team of one woman and her two corgis creating luxury hand dyed and hand painted yarns and fibers that will satisfy your speckled, variegated and semi-solid needs. 


Gabrielle Gergler learned how to crochet and knit as a young child from her mother, an avid afgan crocheter, and carried the craft through her young adult life from high school to college. The fiber bug hit hard in early 2013 with the discovery of Ravlery and indie dyed yarn, soon she was knitting, spinning, crocheting and dyeing.

In 2016 Once Upon a Corgi Handmade opened their first online shop and dove into the fiber world full time.

Our goals as a yarn peddler is to bring new fibers into the rotation of knitters, crocheters, weavers and sometimes spinners by seeking out different bases with fiber content including, but not limited to, Corriedale, Polwarth, BFL, Cheviot and hopefully many more.        

You can follow this fiber journey on Instagram @Onceuponacorgi or @Gabigails or subscribe to the Once Upon a Corgi Podcast to see what we are knitting, spinning, sewing, reading and what Tennis Ball is the pick of the week.


Gabby is a born and raised Nutmegger, living and working in Southern Connecticut with her partner Jake, two corgis and the judgmental cat, Jax.


Meet the Corgis!

All of the yarn from Once Upon a Corgi may be made out of sheep's wool but the inspiration for the bases and their names all come from these Pembroke Welsh Corgis!

Audrey, a Red and White corgi, is the original corgi who came into the family in 2012 introducing us to the world of zoomies and those adorable chicken legs. She had a litter of 7 puppies in October of 2014 and holds the title of reigning Snuggle Queen.

Aeron is one of her puppies, a Red Headed Tri-Color twice the size of every corgi he has met, with a love for hiding tennis balls to match, and who dreams of joining the Night's Watch.